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Using Composite Resin in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry

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In this program Dr. Mopper discusses why many dentist are leaving “dentistry on the table.”   Composite dentistry is to often forgotten as a viable option.   Too many dentist depend on the lab for the final restoration.  With some practice and simple education about how materials work together you, the clinician, can deliver the results your patients are looking for in one visit.  The object of composite dentistry is to make it invisible.
This program looks at two specific cases.  The first is a simple direct composite resin restoration using microfil. Dr. Mopper has some unique procedures to ensure both the form and function are .
The second case, Dr Mopper will perform and discuss Incisal Troughing, or Incisal Re-Inforcement using Nano fill and Microfill over the top.

Course Date: 2/21/12

Disclaimer: No commercial support was received for this course.  The speaker has a relationship and financial interest in Cosmedent.


  1. Describe the advantages of using composite resin.
  2. State the considerations necessary when selecting a composite resin system.
  3. Understand the proper technique when placing direct composite resin veneers.
  4. Describe the technique used for incisal edge reinforcement.


I.    Case presentation: why composite material

II.   Preparation

III.  Finishing, polishing and contouring

IV.  Incisal edge reinforcement

V.   An assistants prospective