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Common Sense approach to Molar Root Canals

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Most dentists refer out root canals, especially molars.  Dr. Marvin Berlin is going to walk you through an entire molar endo from start to finish in around 30 minutes.  He'll show you his entire sequence to make the procedure predictable, repeatable, efficient and profitable.  He'll also show you how he combines the build and crown prep in one appointment.

AGD Subject Code: 704

Last reviewed on 03/08/2016

Disclaimer: No commerical support for this course was received.  The speaker did not receive commercial support for this course.


  1. Learn how to prepare tooth for ideal access.
  2. Understand tips on establishing estimated working lengths.
  3. State the file sequence and selection for ideal canal preparation.
  4. Learn a simplified obturation technique
  5. Understand how to complete the root canal, build up, crown prep, impression and temporization in one appointment.


I.       Determining working length
II.      Prep tooth for crown
III.     Placing rubber dam
IV.      Removal of Decay
V.       Intrapulpal anesthesia
VI.      Root canal procedure
VII.     Build-up
VIII.    Crown prep
IX.     Impression
X.      Temporization



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