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Making Smile Design Profitable, Efficient and Predictable

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Many dentists actually lose money on smile design cases, while others are afraid to even offer them to their patients.  While personally rewarding cosmetic cases can be a large source of income for your practice.  Dr. Smallwood discusses why having efficient systems in place will eliminate most if not all of your waste.  From simple concepts like never picking up the same bur twice to his chair side provisional sequence.  Dr. Smallwood describes why having the patient's approval before and during the procedure will eliminate stress about patient expectations.

Last Reviewed 4/18/2012


  1. Describe the key elements in effective smile design.
  2. Explain how to take a good impression utilizing other team members.
  3. Understand how to generate more profits on smile design cases.
  4. Describe techniques used to ensure you meet patient expectations.



I.    Set yourself up for profitability

II.   Preparation

III.  Impressions

IV.  Provisionals

V.   Clean-up

VI.  Try-in

VII. Final Placement


  • Part 1 - The key elements in smile design efficiency.
    In this dental continuing education course, Dr. Trent Smallwood discusses the importance of having a strict protocol when creating dental restorations. Dr. Smallwood starts by demonstrating a frenectomy using a C02 laser.
  • Part 6 - Try-in the final restorations.
    In this segment of the Dental continuing education course, Dr. Smallwood tries-in each of the final restorations, asks the patient to evaluate the look and then prepares for the seating of the restorations.