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Who do you want to be for your patients

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Rachel Smith, RDH will challenge you in three areas of dental hygiene that you may or may not have thought of before. First, the general visual and ergonomic issues of your practice.  Second, the verbal clues to keep it real with your patients and third some chairside demonstrations with Florida Probe, laser bacterial reduction and implant scaling techniques.  



  1.   Create confidence in your role/position in the practice.
  2.   State how to be proficient in managing your time.
  3.   Verbilize key phrases to best communicate with patients.
  4.   Understand the roles of new technology in your daily practice.



I.    Addressing ergonomics in the operatory

II.   Time management

III.  Three ways patients lose teeth and what can be offered to patients

IV.   Incorporating new technology

V.    Communicating and treating patients with Implants


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Ergonomics and Instrumentation- Tabitha Tavoc, RDH, tavoct@etsu.edu

Dr. Mac Lee- drmaclee.com, 361-782-7191

Instrumentation Techniques- Anna Pattison, RDH, MS, www.pattisoninstitute.com


  • Part 3 - Lasers
    Rachel will review the use of lasers in every day practice.