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High Performance Teams Part I

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In this two part program Bobbi Anthony will focus on developing a High Performance Team specifically geared towards general dental practices with an emphasis on total team communication to patients about comprehensive care and cosmetics.   In addition,  today's course is designed to assist the dentist in management and leadership of a team in Private Practice.  Part I of this program will focus on creating team cohesiveness for better staff retention, increase job satisfaction for both the doctor and the team, increasing case acceptence, patient referrals, patient retention and patient accountability.  All of which is important from a leadership and management perspective.


Last Reviewed: 07/29/2012

Disclaimer: No commercial support was recieved for this program.



  1. Differentiate between a team and a high performance team.
  2. Describe the importance of I messages vs. You messages.
  3. Understand right vs. left brain thinking.
  4. Describe guided thinking techniques to lead patiets to the aha moment.
  5. Understand transactional analysis.



I.   The importance of I Messages Vs You Messages
III. Right Brain Vs Left Brain Thinking
IV.  Guided Thinking Techniques…what questions to ask to lead the patient      
     to the aha moment
V.   Good Listening Techniques
VI.  Transactional Analysis…The states of being during any communication/
     interaction:  Adult, Parent, Child


Jon R Katzenback and Douglas K Smith. The Wisdom of Teams. 1993.