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Retirement on Your Terms

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Most dentists have thought about retirement and may have taken steps to secure their future but research shows that 4 out of 100 dentists can retire at their current standard of living. Ned Kivitts, senior financial consultant and Susan Woods of Hufford Financial Advisors address the unique challenges facing dentist and their practice. Discover four principles to attaing financial freedom, how compound growth creates financial freedom and how debt, tax savings and investments impact your retirement.

Course Reviewed: 07/29/2012

Disclaimer: No commercial support was received for this course.


1. Define Financial Success.
2. Describe 4 principles to attaining financial freedom.
3. Describe how compound growth creates financial freedom.
4. Describe how debt, tax savings and investments impact your retirement.
5. Compare traditional financial planners with Hufford Finacial Advisors.


I. Financial Success
a. Definition
b. Strategy and Principle
II. Compound Growth
III. Debt
IV. Tax Savings
V. Investments


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