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Growing your practice in any economic environment

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In today's difficult economic times, attracting and maintaining new patients is a high priority. Even though economic times are hard, Dr. Marvin Berlin's practice is thriving.  Why?  What is the difference?  The practice is a general practice in McKinney, Texas and produces on average of over a million dollars a month with very few full mouth rehabilitation.  In this program, Dr. Berlin explains why saying yes is so powerful and that a surprising 95 percent of the dentist in America are still saying no.  We also look at some traditional and non-traditional methods that Dr. Berlin uses to attract over 250 new patients a month. Learn the most effect places to advertise, how to attract media coverage, and why meeting your local pharmacist will bring you new patients.    Dr. Berlin is proof that a general dental practice can thrive even in tough economic times.  

AGD course code:557

Placed on site: 07/24/2011

Last Reviewd: 07/29/2012 



  1. Discuss marketing ideas that can be implemented for little to no cost.
  2. List the areas in your practice where you say no to patients request.
  3. Describe methods used to attract new patients.



I.    Interview with Dr. Berlin and introduction

II.   Customer Service

III.  Saying Yes!

IV.   Getting new patients

V.    Marketing strategies


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