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From Case Acceptance to Case Excitement

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Dr. Trent Smallwood, well known for his systematic clinical technique explains how you can get more patients to say yes to smile design cases while keeping cost and time down. Dr. Smallwood demonstrates a records appointment and explains how you can get the entire balance due before the first appointment. Marketing an aesthetic practice and the importance or using your "team," for case presentation are also discussed.

AGD course code:557

Last Reviewed: 07/29/2016

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  1. Explain the importance of the diagnostic appointment for success through out the entire case.
  2. Describe the role the "team," plays in case acceptance.
  3. Discuss the importance of understanding the patients expectations.


I. Initial Consultation

A. Team is key to case acceptance success.

1. They must get the patient excited.

2. They must "brag" about the doctor.

B. Try to find common connections between you and the patient

II. Records Appointment

A. Pictures

B. Bite with stick

C. Impressions

D. Meeting patients expectations


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