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Direct Posterior Resin Restorations

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In this program Dr. Nash demonstrates a direct composite case.  Patients are turning to direct composite more and more due to the economy and because the materials used have vastly improved.  When do you select a direct vs. an indirect?  What is available today that was not just a year ago, and what if any are the limitations to direct composites?  Dr. Nash explores all this as he replaces three posterior amalgums.   While dentist have a number of restorative products to chose from Dr. Nash utilizes a newer product from Septodont, N'Durance. Get his thoughts on this new material.

Sponsored by: Septodont

AGD course code:783

Reveiwed: 07/29/2012


  1. Discuss the differences between the various systems used in direct composite
  2. Define the steps taken to insure a dry working enviroment
  3. List the challenges one faces when placing composites


I.    Preparation

II.   Composite build-up

III.  Final contouring

IV.   Finished result


Products Used in This Course

Products used in this dental CE course are listed below

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