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American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Criteria Workshop

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AACD Accredited Dental Course


This is the second required workshop in the AACD Accreditation program. This course begins with a display of successful and unsuccessful cases which are then evaluated by following criteria Accreditation Examiners use in judging clinical cases. The process of analyzing these cases is enlightening for anyone preparing to submit clinical cases for Accreditation.

Learning Objectives

1. Become familiar with each of the criteria used in Accreditation examinations
2. See examples of dentistry that satisfy or fall short of the criteria
3. Understand the relationship between the Accreditation criteria and excellence in cosmetic dentistry


I.    Criteria workshop goals

II.   Smile design criteria

III.  Top ten reasons cases fail



  • Part 4 - Criteria overview part 4
    Principles of smile design such as cervical embrasures, periodontal criteria, gingival height, gingival shape and shade will be reviewed.

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