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American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Accreditation Workshop

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AACD Accredited Dental Course


The AACD Accreditation process begins by attending this required workshop, which provides a detailed overview of the required parameters of the Accreditation process.


   1. Become familiar with the requirements for AACD Accreditation
   2. See examples of Accreditation cases
   3. Understand why a credential in cosmetic dentistry is desirable


Placed on site: 11/2009


I.    What is accreditation

II.   Accreditation requirements

III.  The five case types

IV.   Accreditation case examples



  • Part 1 - What is accreditation?
    Dr. Bradley Olsen will discuss not only what the AACD accreditation process is but he also reviews reasons why you would want to do it.
  • Part 2 - Resources
    Resources such as the Guide to Accreditation Criteria, AACD Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, AACD Website/Credentialing staff will be reviewed.
  • Part 3 - Case submission
    Dr. Bradley Olsen discusses the AACD Accreditation case submission procedure and tips to make sure that the case meets the expectation for successful submission. He will also list the 5 AACD Accreditation case types and begin to detail case type 1,
  • Part 4 - Review of each case type
    Case type one discussion continued and case type two, one or two indirect restorations, case type three, tooth replacement, case type four, anterior direct resin and case type five, six or more direct resin veneers will be reviewed.
  • Part 5 - Finding cases
    Dr. Bradley Olson discusses how to find the best patients for AACD Accreditation case submission.

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