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No Prep Veneers Part II

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Prepless veneers continue to be a hot topic and consumer demand also continues to be high for this ultra-conservative procedure.  In this two-part presentation, Dr. Dennis Wells will demonstrate proven techniques and protocols completing a case from diagnosis all the way to final cementation.  With over 10 years experience in the area of prepless veneers, Dr. Wells shares his clinical pearls along with his excitement and passion for additive only restorations.  This is a two-part video. 

AGD Subject Code: 780

Placed on site: 2/13/2014

Note: No commerical support for this course was received.  The speaker does not receive commercial support.


1. To demonstrate the essential diagnostic tools and records needed to execute a prepless veneer case.

2. To demonstrate how to create Custom Composite Prototypes that will become the ultimate “blueprint” for the                 ceramist.

3. To demonstrate cementation techniques that insure long term success.

4. To demonstrate intra-oral finishing and polishing protocol for the “Infinity Margin”, and why it is an excellent        marginal strategy both optically and functionally


I.    Try-in

II.   Veneer preparation

III.  Veneer placement

IV.  Finishing


  • Part 1 - Try-in
    Dr. Wells will first try-in the veneers dry and then he will use a clear try-in paste.