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No Prep Veneers Part II

Part 4 - Final finishing

Dr. Dennis Wells, DDS 
Dr. Wells continues to do the final finishing of the veneers.

And then we're going to take that which is very flexible and directable and we're going to smooth all around the cervical area of our veneer. And of course we come around to the lingual side. We can use the same wheel to very nicely merge and smooth our ceramic and resin and tooth all the one seamless margin. Okay. Well we're coming down to the final finishing steps here where we used the diamond strip inter proximally. We're taking some of these sandpaper polishers and going in and smoothing those zones so that again they're glazed to some degree and polished. Now we're going to need our liquid dam composite to block this out. To accomplish our final polishing, we're going to use a little blockout composite. So to get our final glaze on our ceramic we're having to do a couple of things here that are uniquely unique to refinishing in the mouth. One is we have to be careful that we don't overheat the teeth when we're polishing from the friction. So you'll see me using a lower RPM and you'll see my assistant the entire time we're polishing, she's going to have an air stream blowing on the tooth 100% wide open. The second thing is as you can see here, we've had to put a little deflector and protector at the tissue so that we don't bang it up. So taking those two precautions we can go in here now very nicely and refinish this ceramic. We're using a bristle brush and we're using diatom polishing paste which by the way is exactly what my ceramist uses to get his final luster on the porcelain. So we're doing exactly the same protocol just with a couple of different twists to make it work intraorally. Again we want to be patient here. We don't want to get too heavy handed or get too many RPMs. So now when we rinse this off and dry it and look at it very carefully and critically it's difficult for us [0:48:45] [Indiscernible] to see any difference between where the veneer was finished by the lab and where we just finished it intraorally. Then we're going to pull off or block out now. This is very easy to do. When now when we take the block out out, you see our tissue sustain minimal trauma and we're now ready to take the rubber dam off and check our occlusion and function. Okay. Let's close together dear and open. Let me see how they articulate in paper. Okay. So I'm confident that we've got her bite dialed in real close. We'll certainly bring her back in a couple of days to check things again and just scrutinize the entire situation. But for now we're going to smooth up the lingual areas [0:49:59] [Indiscernible] today and let her give this a good trial run, a good test run. Well this concludes our part 2 in our series of prepless veneers and I hope you've enjoyed viewing this whole process from start to finish of how we execute this process of prepless veneers. You know, we have over ten years now of experience of doing this kind of dentistry and approaching it from a very conservative way and I just wanted to clear to all of you watching this video that this process is so enriching and fulfilling. It's been an amazing journey for me and my team and we have prospered both internally and just our satisfaction with our work as well as financially from introducing prepless veneers. It is my hope that you will also join us in that journey. If you haven't done prepless case yet, you'll step out and give that a shot. I'd like to personally invite you to come to our over the shoulder programs that we hold here in our office and then also in Los Angeles each year. There's nothing like seeing it live and kind of feeling and touching it and I'd like to suggest that that is the ultimate way to kind of fast track you toward this kind of dentistry. In the meantime, I wish you success and a prosperous year.