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Trial Smile

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The Trial Smile Experience has 2 main advantages, the first is the technical advantage of utilizing the lips to begin the esthetically driven aspects of the treatment plan intraorally; the second is the behavioral benefit of educating and inspiring the patient, along with instilling hope during the process. This presentation will further discuss these advantages and also demonstrate the technique of  performing a successful Trial Smile Experience.


Last Reviewed:07/29/2012


  1. Learn the steps involved to successfully complete a Trial Smile Experience.
  2. Inspire your patients to desire a beautiful smile while teaching them the value of your  ability to execute complex restorative dentistry.
  3. Learn how to incorporate a model of your trial smile into your diagnostic wax-up.


I.   Introduction

II.  Patient Communication

III.  Digital Photography

IV.  Trial Smile Step by Step

V.   Final Result


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