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What you need to know about online marketing

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In this course, Dr. Boulden discusses the importance of a well designed website and what components of your website the search engines are looking at.  He will also discuss things you can do to optimize each term that someone would be searching for you with.  If you are not on page one of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. then you need to watch this video. 


Placed on Site: 04/06/2012

Disclaimer: No commercial support was received for this course.


  1. Describe how to establish credibility with your website.
  2. List the anatomy of a website as it relates to search engine optimization.
  3. Discuss things you can do to increase the presence of your website.


I.     What is SEO

II.    Establishing credibility

III.   Anatomy of a website

IV.    Tracking results

V.     Getting more traffic


  • Part 4 - Increase traffic to your site
    Now that your website is optimized, what can you do to increase traffic to your website. Dr. Boulden breaks it down so that you can start making a difference in your page rank.