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High Performance Teams Part II

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The second of this two part program allows each doctor and each team member to assess their own personality type so as to determine their strengths and weaknesses.  Good teamwork requires understanding each other and acceptance of our differences.  Once team members understand the different styles, they can put that knowledge into action with patients.  Since each patient has their own personality style, we would want to treat the patient as THEY would like to be treated…not necessarily how WE would like to be treated…sort of bending the Golden Rule.

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Last Reviewed 01/05/17

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1.  Use the DiSC Personality Assessment Tool
2.  Understanding of how to determine each person’s DiSC Style
3.  Creation of teams based on understanding of strengths and weaknesses
4.  The right person in the right job based on abilities, likes and dislikes
5.  Which patient styles are interested in Aesthetics and which are interested in Function (presentation based upon personality)
6.  Co-diagnosis based on patient’s interests…not ours.


I.    DiSC Personality Assessment Tool

II.   Presentation by style

III.  Application of the DiSC Personality Assessment Tool when choosing your team


Jon R Katzenback and Douglas K Smith. The Wisdom of Teams. 1993.