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Using Lasers in Conservative Veneer Smile Designs

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The growing popularity in the public arena for “no prep” or “minimal preparation” smile enhancements is advocated by our profession’s technological enhancements and research. Long term investigations have demonstrated a 94% survival rate of minimally invasive porcelain veneers. Calamia’s original investigation in 1983 was performed with little or no preparation and the process needed to be reversible in case it didn’t work, but also cautioned the need to avoid over contouring for periodontal purposes-even with veneers that were about 0.5 mm in thickness. This led to the conclusion that some slight preparation was needed to create a biological appropriate emergence profile. Although the thicknesses of today’s minimal veneers are closer to 0.3mm, the additive nature of this conservative technique can still encroach on the biomimetic needs of the gingival complex, as well as, create difficulty in creating natural anatomic contours by the ceramist.

Fortunately, the confluence of laser technology with these new restorative methods provides a healthy adjunct to this new philosophy of care. The literature has shown the efficacy of this added nuance to cosmetic care. The following video will demonstrate how this greatly enhances these additive procedures.


Last Reviewed: 07/29/2012

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1.    Learn the elements of conservative smile design.

2.    Become skilled at basic laser principles and techniques

3.    Discover how to do minimal preparation veneer enhancements.


I.    Smile Design

II.   Tissue contouring part I

III.  Tissue contouring part II

IV.   Provisionals

V.    Try-in

VI.   Placement

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