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Immediate Fixed Implant Supported Hybrid Prosthesis (all-on-4 technique) from start to finish, a complete case

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Dr. Mark Margolin and Dr. Lorin Berland take a patient from beginning to completion of an all-on-4 procedure to show you what to realistically expect. The course follows an actual case that they performed.  Often times the procedure is made to look quick and easy, but there is the reality that to be successful there is a lot of pre-planning and many follow-up restorative visits that any clinician considering offering this procedure to their patient must consider.

AGD course code:691

Placed on site: 02/05/2016

Disclaimer: No commercial support was recieved for this program.


  1. Explain the all on 4 technique from start to finish
  2. Understand the initial visit from extraction to provisional restoration, and make suggestions to avoid complications
  3. Describe the visits and steps involved in transitioning patient from provisional to final restoration
  4. State what the team approach required is to properly perform an all on 4 case
  5. Present through interviews the all on 4 experience from a patients perspective


I.    Intro and teeth extraction

II.   Surgical guide

III.  Placement of implant fixtures

IV.  Relining of the denture

V.   Preparation for fixture level impression

VI.  Impressions and removal of temporary

VII. Final seat


  • Part 1 - Intro and Extraction
    Dr. Margolin and Dr. Berland describe the All-on-4 case that will be demonstrated in this video. Dr. Margolin will begin by extracting the maxillary teeth.
  • Part 2 - Surgical Guide
    Dr. Margolin demonstrates the use of the bone reduction guide and discusses with the lab what is necessary to fabricate the bone reduction guide.