Commonly asked questions:

How do I purchase a single course?

In order to purchase a single course, click on the course you are interested in, click watch course, confirm that you would like to purchase that course.  Fill out the billing information.  Confirm purchase for $140. These courses will remain in your account indefinitely for future viewing.

What is your Pricing?

What is your cancellation policy?

If you purchase a premium subscription as part of the services provided by HDiQ Dental and are not completely satisfied with the subscription you may cancel on the member subscription page by selecting the "cancellation" button. Any courses that you have watched during the time of your active subscription will become unavailable for future viewing.  You may restart your subscription at any time.

What if I do not cancel?

This is your responsobility.  If you do not wish to continue to be billed or charged on your yearly or monthly account, you must cancel.   Failure to do so 30 days prior to your calendar sign up day will result in a charge. HDiQ Dental purchases streaming, storage etc...based upon your membership. Whether you use HDiQ Dental or not we must operate and spend money based upon your previous commitment.  While exceptions are made, our vendors, which allow us to serve you,  do not release us of our financial responsobility because our members did not cancel in time.  During registration the person registering was made aware of our policy.  Many dental offices, perhaps yours, charge patients for not showing as they have allocated time and recources based upon the patient showing.  

Why don’t you send out DVD’s?

Actually we do. We just don’t like to. The reason we don’t like to is because from an educational model a DVD is one dimensional. Someone talks, you listen and hopefully remember. Our goal is to bring you something that you can use and remember and the web based model with its ability to discuss and ask questions, to see every word spoken and to take notes on the slides is by far the superior way to learn and retain the information. That said, you can always go to your account and next to the post-test you have taken you will see an option to "buy DVD." As a reminder, you can only buy the DVD for programs that you have previously viewed.

How do you pick your programs?

We listen to you. We want to hear your suggestions. If you have a suggestion or someone you would like to see, let us know we will look into it for you. At HDiQ Dental we work diligently with our board of practicing dentists and business leaders to provide you with the latest trends and procedures. We work diligently to produce shows that will add value to your practice and life. We are constantly asked to produce a show on a variety of topics but if it does not add value we will not do it. Dentists are measured by production per hour and we will not waste your most valuable asset, your time, with programs that are there only to occupy space.

What is your experience with dentistry?

Our production team has over 15 years experience in dentistry and have taped across the world as far as Brazil with Dr. Newton Fahl to down the street with Dr. Jimmy Eubanks. This experience is critical. When a presenter asks for a close up of the lingual of number 9 our videographer knows where to go. To our members it means delivering you the critical elements and eliminating 20 minutes of tooth reduction or waiting while an impression sets.

What do tongue prints and finger prints have in common?

No two are alike.

What if I have technical problems or questions?

The best way is to send us an email at info@hdiqdental.com. You can also send an email to the presenter. Finally, you can always call us at 1-800-460-4030 and enter extension 704.

Can I share a program with a friend?

No. Our shows are all copyright protected under the law. Obviously you would not work on an entire family if they paid only for one member. Sharing programs potentially makes your price go up, not the one who is getting it for free.