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Compare the deliverablity of dental CE courses on HDiQ to any other method of dental continuing education and you will see why more dental professionals pick HDiQ Dental as their toolbox for building their practice, improving their skills, and growing their bank account.

State-Of-The-Art Delivery of Dental CE

HDiQ Dental has created a state-of-the-art video player based on proven methods for delivering educational content in an easy to use, easy to understand system that offers multiple options for learning and, ultimately, increases retention of the material presented. There's no better way to learn than with HDiQ Dental.

The BEST Dental CE Presenters and Instructors in the Dental Industry

HDiQ Dental finds the best of the best for our dental CE courses. Why learn from some guy with a practice down the street from yours, when you can sit chairside with creators of revolutionary procedures such as Dr. Dennis Wells, the creator of Durathin Prepless Veneers? or inovators in computer aided surgical procedures such as Dr. Michael Skinner? or highly sought after AACD and ACE presenters such as Michael Koczarski, Sonia Leziy, Larry Rosenthal, Marty Zase, Tom Trinkner, or Lee Ann Brady? Just to name a few. Our presenters are some of the most sought after names in the dental industry and you can have access to them any time, any where with HDiQ Dental.

The MOST Affordable Access to the BEST Dental CE Available

HDiQ Dental offers you access to the best presenters in the dental industry at a fraction of what you'd pay to see them live, let alone pay for personal time to sit chairside in their live operatory. For the price of what you'll spend on lunch this afternoon, you can watch courses and earn dental CE each and every day. The things you can learn in one 10 minute section of a course may pay for this service 10 times over. See why many of our members say this is "A no-brainer", "A must-have", and "The best thing I ever did".

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