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Essentials of Dental Safety

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In this video presentation, Dr. Puttaiah will review the essentials of infection control for the dental office.  A history and evolution of infection control, clinical surfaces and methods of control and common infectious diseases will all be reviewed. Take time to review these very important concepts to protect yourself and the patients you treat.


AGD course code:148

Course added: 01/01/2013   

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  1. Briefly describe the definition of infection control.
  2. List the three types of methods of infection control.
  3. Review common adult and childhood communicable diseases.
  4. Describe the methods of control for common communicable diseases.
  5. Differentiate the types of environmental surface disinfectants.
  6. Understand the common methods of sterilization in dentistry.





  1. Overview and history of infection control
  2. Basic concepts in infectin control
  3. Common infectious diseases seen in the dental practice
  4. Methods of control for common infectious diseases
  5. Environmental surface disinfection
  6. Common methods of sterilization in dentistry