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A Joint Exam

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In this video we will go chair side with Dr. Brady as she walks us through a joint exam.  You will learn how to assess the joint and use those findings to develop a differential diagnosis. Dr. Brady will demonstrate the use of palpation, a stabilization test, a load test, a cotton roll test and doppler auscultation to assess the joint.

AGD subject code: 184

Placed on site: 05/16/2012

Last Reviewed: 07/26/2019


  1. Learn how to use joint palpation.
  2. Understand the use of a stabilization test, load test and cotton roll test.
  3. State how to perform doppler auscultation in a joint assessment.
  4. Begin to interpret the findings of the combined assessment.


I.     Palpation

II.    Stabilization and load test

III.   Cotton roll test

IV.    Doppler Auscultation


  • Part 1 - Palpation
    Dr. Brady demonstrates different palpation techniques to assess the temporal mandibular joint.
  • Part 4 - Doppler auscultation
    Dr. Brady describes why ausculatation of the joint is an important part of joint assessment and then demonstrates the use of a doppler.

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