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Connective Tissue Grafting

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Dr. Skinner will demonstrate use of connective tissue grafts in two different cases. In both cases Dr. Skinner harvests the connective tissue graft from the palate via a trap door using a split thickness incision. He will demonstrate a tunneling technique that he uses at the graft site. The advantage of this technique is that blood supply to the papillae does not get compromised especially in areas where there is limited interdental space. Another advantage of this technique is that is alleviates problems with color and contour match.

AGD course code: 492

Last Reviewed: 07/29/2016

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I.    Case 1 treatment planning

II.   Case 1 preparing the graft site

III.  Case 1 harvesting the tissue graft

IV.   Case 1 placing and securing the tissue graft

V.    Case 2 treatment planning

VI.   Case 2 preparing the graft site

VII.  Case 2 harvesting the tissue graft

VI.   Case 2 placing and securing the tissue graft



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