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Implantology Breakthroughs for the GP

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In this two-part video, Dr. Frank will demonstrate multiple implant efficiency techniques used by top tier GP practices in the US today.  A focus on minimally invasive procedures allows the clinician to easily incorporate these productive procedures into an already busy bread and butter general practice.  You will view cases that detail the procedures that are most amenable to immediately incorporating into a GP practice. Namely the 5 minute implant, abutment and crown procedure and the 1-drill implant procedure.


Placed on site:10/1/2012 Expiration date: 10/1/2015

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Objectives cover both Part 1 and Part 2.

  1. Identify the suitable clinical situations for and learn to complete the 5 flapless/sutureless soft-tissue surgical implant access procedures (to include the highspeed handpiece approach and min-envelope procedures)
  2. Be able to identify clinical situations where an implant can be predictably placed into the site of a freshly extracted tooth with the use of only one drill to complete the procedure.
  3. Provide the order in which to proceed in cases involving general dentistry (crown and bridge work) and the five minute implant, abutment and crown procedure.
  4. Outline the use of the 1 drill implant procedure as it relates to both overdenture cases as well as simple single unit implant, abutment and crown restorations.



  1. Five minute implant, abutment and crown, using a mini-envelope, site #30
  2. One drill implant procedure #4 and 7, cemented, implant retained bridge #4-7
  3. Efficient implants #18, #20 and a bridge #21-23
  4. Five minute implant, abutment and crown #13 with core and crown on teeth #20, 28 and 12



Fugazzotto PA, Beagle JR, Ganeles J, Jaffin R, Vlassis J, Kumar A. Success and failure rates of 9 mm or shorter implants in the replacement of missing maxillary molars when restored with individual crowns: preliminary results 0 to 84 months in function. A retrospective study. J Periodontol. 2004;75(2):327-32



  • Part 2 - One Drill Implant Procedure
    One drill implant procedure, implant sites #4 and #7, final prosthetic solution: cemented, implant retained bridge #4-#7. High-speed handpiece soft tissue approach and initial osteotomy, this procedure is categorized as a five-minute implant, abutme