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by Septodont

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Dental CE Product Information for N'DURANCE CRISTAL

Features & Benefits

* Increased translucency for high-end esthetic restorations
* Extremely hydrophobic for better color stability and long lasting esthetics
* Lower volumetric shrinkage, causing less stress on tooth-restoration interface for improved marginal integrity and reduced microleakage
* Higher intra-oral monomer conversion optimizing physical and mechanical properties for greater durability and reducing elution of residual monomer for greater biocompatibility
* Superior radiopacity for easy control and follow-up
* Compatible with all bonding agents
* Non-sticky, soft-on-demand consistency for ease of handling

Dental CE Course Featuring N'DURANCE CRISTAL

1 CE
45 min.

Dr. Nash will demonstrate simplified preparation and placement techniques that will allow the practitioner to offer a means of expanding restorative service to their patient.

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