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Direct Posterior Resin Restorations

Part 3 - Direct Posterior Restoration of Distal and Mesial of Pre-Molar

Dr. Ross Nash, DDS 
Finishing flowable composite

So we're going to create the next contact on the distal of the premolar. This matrix band by Garrison has a little extension. You can see this particular box is a little lower so that extension will go down a little lower so I can gather that margin.

And now we're going to add our ring in the same fashion as we did before. I'm going to put a matrix band on the mesial and now an explorer. In the same process, we're using a black spoon to burnish. On this one, we're going to go ahead and use the total-etch technique just to show you two different ways to do it. Larry, open up a little bit there. Open real wide.

This is the bonding agent. This is ALL-BOND 3 total-etch. And we'll dry and light cure. And now we apply the flowable base and just manipulate it with the explorer. Going to sleep, Larry Are you going to sleep Larry, open just a little bit buddy. Let me have more flowable. So we completed the placing the composite just as we did on the molar and the second premolar but on both sides so we had two matrix band and two wedges. We're going to remove those now and do our finishing. All right we're going to use the same technique for finishing with the carbide burs and finishing diamond OS1 football-shaped carbide finishing bur by Brasseler. This is the mosquito finishing diamond.