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Smile Design: The Mock-up.

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AACD Accredited Dental Course


Dr. Koczarski will discuss how an intra oral mock-up can provide valuable information to the patient, the lab and the dentist.  He will demonstrate a freehand composite mock-up technique on the front four incisors.  The process of a mock-up is not only designed to show what can be achieved but also what cannot be achieved. Dr. Koczarski will follow the AACD accreditation standards for the Case 5, 6 or more direct resins veneers but will only be demonstrating the technique on the front four incisors.


Last Reviewed: 07/29/2012

Disclaimer: No commercial support was received for this course.


  1. Describe treatment options for a patient with short front incisors, old silver amalgams and limited fullness of the buccal corridor.
  2. Discuss smile design utilizing the length, horizon and midline of the smile combining the eyes, commissure and the lower part of the face.
  3. Compare and contrast a wax-up and a mock-up.
  4. Describe the necessary steps to complete an intra oral mock-up.


I.    Introduction

II.   Treatment options discussion

III.  Overview of the mock-up

IV.   Correcting the horizon of the smile

V.    Correcting the arch form

VI.   Creating facial and incisal embrasures

VII.  Creating the silhouette anatomy and reflective and deflective zones


Simon, Harel and Magne, Pascal. Clinically Based Diagnostic Wax-up for Optimal Estetics: The Diagnostic Mock-up. CDA Journal., Vol 36(5), 2008.

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